Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in Hibernation

I am in forced hibernation. If you think this means a lot of sleeping, think again. I have to keep everyone busy, including myself! I plan to make cinnamon rolls tomorrow, just because. They'll do wonderful things for my mentality, if nothing else, because the smell of cinnamon rolls baking is in the Smell-O-Dictionary next to the word 'heavenly.'

We got another, oh, probably 6" of snow today. Who bothers to measure at this point?? All I know is that we've set a local seasonal record for most snow in a single winter. School was out (again) today and will be out (again) tomorrow. Friday is still up for grabs. I'm grateful for the two days of school we did get this week, even if they started late, because most area schools have been out since last Tuesday. Not that M2 *went* to school both days. Oh, no. We got up on Monday and got her ready, and she started complaining of tummy pain. I knew it was nerves and told her that I'd take her in and get her settled before I left, and she whined a little and said she just didn't want to go, but I knew she had been itching to see her friends. Off we went.

No dice.

She went psychosomatic and threw up almost the instant I left the building. I didn't make it more than 2/3 of the way home before I got the call. M1 still had school that day, and M2 happily tagged along (she was fine after we got home, and thankfully the school secretary/nurse believed me when I said it was nerves and told me to try again the next day. She knows I wouldn't bring in a sick kid). M2 did fine on Tuesday after she developed a plan to "be the helper." She marched into the classroom and announced, "What can I do? I'm your helper today." I shrugged and left. Whatever got her through the day was fine by me. M2 and I went home and had a 'normal' day, which seemed completely bizarre.

We're stuck at home again now, though. It's f-f-f-freeeeeezing here again - 17 degrees at current check with a wind chill even lower - and won't get above freezing for a day or two, but it's supposed to get almost to SIXTY DEGREES next week. It'll feel like summer. I might even plant something. Just so I can watch the chickens eat it. They might even get to leave their run. They haven't done more than hover around the coop (or stay inside it on days like today) since all this blizzard business began. I need to muck out their coop something fierce.

Maybe next week I can do it. Maybe this snow will all disappear and we'll get to return to our regularly-scheduled lives and driving patterns.

I can dream, right? This forced hibernation has me on the edge of hallucination.

Must be time for a tropical drink to kickstart my mental paradise. Rum, anyone?


Mom on the Verge said...

What is Spanish for Captain Morgans and Coke? ;)

I saw your snow on the news tonight. You're lucky you only got six more inches. Still, for your area, it's ridiculous!! If all else fails, try pulling taffy. Isn't that what the pioneers did?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow - I can't even imagine that kind of cold. It's 29 here and we're all freezing to death!