Sunday, February 20, 2011

Child Labor

No, seriously, we need more manual labor around here! I love worn-out children. They're snuggly and amenable.

M1 went to my dad's house for the weekend; M2 went to my mom's.

As I posted yesterday, Oz and I had an absolutely GLOrious Saturday without them (we did make it to Wolfgang Puck's, and Verdict = YUM!). I love my children, but these sorts of breaks should be mandatory. Today was less GLOrious, since it pretty much consisted of cleaning the house and watching the Daytona 500, but even so, a second day of peace wasn't a bad thing.

I was ready for the kids to come back, though. The silence was getting deafening.

Which meant that when my mom called and asked if I was ready to meet her to pick up M2, I was fine with that. And when my dad called when M2 and I were halfway home and asked me to come retrieve M1, I was fine with that, too.

When I picked up M2, I asked her what she'd done this weekend.

"I CHOPPED A LOT!!" was her immediate answer. "I chopped lots of fruit so we could have a salad, so now you know I can chop things in the kitchen! And we took lots and lots of walks, and I got to help Granny with lots of chores!"

She was tired. She was happy. And when I said that we were going to go pick up M1, she said, "I've been having the best days with Granny. I want these best days to continue. I am going to be nice to M1 and then I will have the BEST. LIFE. EVER!!!"

Who could argue with that logic?? I told her that I definitely wanted her to have the best. life. ever. and that I was happy she'd had a great weekend. Complete with lots of work and walking. Fingers crossed that this attitude holds over through school tomorrow.


Then we arrived at my dad's house to grab M1. M1 hid when I arrived, in a vain attempt to get to stay longer, but he was okay. Tired but okay. I asked my dad what M1 had done over the weekend. He had a list:

1. Helped install a small woodstove in the den.
2. Climbed into the attic and helped install the stovepipe.
3. Climbed on the roof and helped install a vent and shingles.
4. Held a flashlight when it got dark so Granddad could finish the shingling work.

Oh, my.

Well, I know I can't compete with that when it comes to jobs he can do on a daily basis, but WOOHOO for WORK!

When we got home, he did exactly as he was asked and unpacked his clothes, as asked. He tried to pick on his sister but stopped, when asked. And when he got really frustrated with me, I let him escape to his room so he could calm down, and when he came back out, he wanted to snuggle. It might be difficult to snuggle a 5' tall 8-year-old, but it can be done! And I'm glad he had a good weekend. Hopefully it lasts through the school day tomorrow.

I've gotta get my kids hired out for manual labor on a more regular basis. Stupid laws ;) I vote we put them to work till they're ready to be polite to us and to one another. Any other takers?

(P.S. What do you good folks know about Royal Rangers? M1 has been invited to join a local troop, but I know absolutely nothing about them. Thanks!)


Mom on the Verge said...

Work 'em! If you were living any time before 1900, they'd be out for apprenticeship already!

I googled the Royal Rangers, and they look, well, pious and upright. And other things that make me uneasy. ;)

Brilliant Creations said...

I was the girl version of a Royal Ranger during my private school days. That tells you how exciting it was. It stood out so much that I even forgot the name! Ha. Could have something to do with my mama brain. Anyway. To me, it was boring and not too much fun. Maybe the leader would do something fabulous, I would go boy scouts fer shur. You don't strike me as a Royal Ranger type, either. :)