Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm making a concentrated effort not to maul my children today. They're out of school thanks to what is loosely being referred to as Snowmageddon 2011 around here (we're up to about a foot of snow, sitting in a blizzard warning, with drifts at least twice that depth, and it's not gonna stop precipitating till about dinnertime... and did I mention it's not supposed to get above freezing till Friday or Saturday? And then there's a chance of snow AGAIN next Monday? Oh, and did I also mention that Oklahoma is simply NOT equipped for anything over about 2" of snow?). Anyway, the kids are driving me absolutely bonkers. They're too old for me to sit down and entertain, because they don't want to play Mommy games any more, and all they want to do is tick each other off, scream at and hit each other, come crying to me for what can only be termed a complete lack of sympathy, and then go back and do it all over again.

I'm done.

So, in my current state of denial, I'm remembering happier times.

Like taking the kids to visit my grandmother, who in turn wants to take them to the park to play...

Or taking the kids to the splash pad for the first time of the season...

Or staying up late to catch fireflies...

In other words, things that involve short sleeves and getting out of the house!

I don't do well in winter. That said, I'm sure I'll have some spectacular snowman pictures in a day or two, and that's cool, too. As long as we don't lose power!

If you want to share your own winter/snow pics (or summer pics if you're lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere right now), either send them to me at oursunnyview @ gmail.com or shoot me a link to your blog, and I'll be happy to post them! I'd love to see how this season has gone for other folks around the country/world.

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merielle said...

Good luck with your blizzard. We've had our fair share of snow here and, as much as I've enjoyed it, I'm ready for short sleeves and outdoor activities too!