Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day of Peace

Life is good.

I got a package in the mail from the National Geographic store yesterday. It contained books (as it almost always does when I order from there). I had gone through their sale/clearance section and found a bunch of books on the American colonies for half price. I ordered all seven that were on sale and am hoping the rest of them will go on sale next month. I also ordered a book on Galileo and a book on the Mayflower Compact. Yes, M1 and I are a history buffs, why do you ask?? Anyway, there are new books.

M1 went to my dad's house for the weekend. Oz took him to my dad's shop for the transfer. Of course, we had to send the bow & arrow and the BB gun with him, because if they don't go coyote hunting (I know, I know...), they're going to do some target practice. Methinks Granddad likes having a boy to play with.

M2 went to my mom's house for the weekend. I met my mother at a rendezvous point halfway between her house and mine. M2 was very excited about having one-on-one time with Granny. Granny is excited that she's only getting one kid. She can't handle both my kids at once. There are a lot of willpower issues there.

After we dropped off the kids, Oz and I met up with friends. Separately. I find this to be the mark of a great relationship, personally. He went to a pub with some coworkers and friends; I went to a restaurant with a gal pal or two. There were drinks involved for all parties. A good time was had by all.

This morning Oz and I got up and dressed and went to a restaurant/store called Cajun Ed's for their Saturday morning beignets and cafe au lait. Oz had never had a beignet and wanted to know what they were like. I told him they were somewhere between a doughnut and a sopapilla. They brought the pastries out in the white paper bags they had been shaken in, all coated in powdered sugar (icing sugar for anyone not in this country). They were still warm and messy and absolutely delicious. I'm not a big coffee person, especially without enough sugar to make it taste nothing like coffee, but their coffee was so smooth that I could almost drink it without adding anything (though I did take a couple spoonfuls of powdered sugar out of the bags to add to my drink, just because I could). Oz and I are thinking about making this breakfast a regular Saturday occurrence. Besides anything else, in the shop portion of the store they carry things like boudin balls and alligator dip and crawfish etouffee, and I'm a little bit of a Southern food junkie.

After we finished breakfast/shopping for Cajun food, Oz took me over to the Borders that's closing, just to see what was going on, which basically meant there was a HUGE line for the sake of 20% off, which confuzzled me completely. I took pictures of some book covers and figured I'd wait till either A) the discounts got bigger and crowds got smaller, or B) I found them for better prices on Amazon.

Now we're back home, and I'm waiting on Oz to tell me what we're doing the rest of the day. I hope to end up at the Wolfgang Puck Bistro, but between now and then, I am enjoying the peace.

This nice, quiet weekend should hold me over for a long time.

Life is good.

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