Saturday, February 5, 2011

During the Storm

All right. Oz has promised me that if the kids haven't committed fratricide by the end of the day (they're currently on hiatus from one another in their respective rooms after a game of Battleship ended in a fistfight... M2 tried to change the rules midgame, which threw M1 into a tizzy, which caused her to sass him, which caused him to whack her... ahhh polar opposites... and yes, they have both apologized to each other, but apparently they need a physical wall between them for a while), we'll be going out to dinner. I don't know where, because I don't know which resturants have actually, um, gotten deliveries (kinda like we haven't had mail or trash service all week), and, ergo, don't know which restaurants actually, um, have... well... FOOD.

However. It's enough to make me unearth the photos of the actual horrific entity known as Blizzard 2011 and share them with you.

How cold was it? The chicken coop had to be kept shut all day because the snow was blowing in. We put water in there, but after a few hours it was frozen. When I went out to replenish it, I had to re-unearth the gate because you couldn't even tell that Oz had been there. I honestly thought he must have climbed over the fence because footprints? None.

I set some birdseed out on the front porch, and we garnered quite a few hungry little mealseekers. They would eat a little, then go sit on the bottom of the glider, all puffed up and hiding their itty-bitty birdy feet, then go back and nibble some more.

The cats were beside themselves. I just watched the snow fly up the stairs (what stairs?) and giggled hysterically every time a cat flung itself at the window in a vain attempt at birdcatching.

The dogs had no interest in going outside. When I made them do it, though, they were good and did their business... in one small area out of snow and wind. I really couldn't blame them. I wouldn't want a snowy backside, either. Speed Bump particularly liked that the snow had created a ramp to get in instead of stairs. Less climbing for a chubby Corgi makes for a happy dog.

See the flag blowing behind the trampoline? See the trampoline net flying (and sinking) in the wind (and snow)? Yes. Blizzards do that.

Unfortunately, come wind or snow or sleet or hail, the mail may not be delivered and trash my not get picked up, but horses still get hungry. There was no way that the horses' owner could come feed, so Oz agreed to go out and get them some hay. I stayed in the warm belly of my home and took pictures of him returning to the homestead.

Note the boot that has disappered into the snow...

Welcome back, m'dear!

It was quite a trail he had created.

Tomorrow (or whenever I get to it): Playtime in the snow!

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Mom on the Verge said...

At least it looks pretty? Really, it does! I lived in New England for years and years, and I used to go picture-taking after the snow stopped. We had trees on my street that had been trimmed around the power line for so long that they made loops around them.

Good luck with dinner!!