Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here in the Land of Denial...

I am attempting to deny everything. Right now my senses tell me I'm on the third day of being snowed in, which means I haven't washed my hair in a few days (though I did weedwhack my legs) and I finally decided this morning that no, I could not, in fact, wear the same clothes three days in a row and still keep my sanity. I've put the birdseed container on the table just outside the living room window, which causes the cats to periodically throw themselves into the glass. It's cheap amusement. I've been teaching the kids *something* every morning, because I discovered on Day 1 of Snowma-frigging-geddon that Kids - A Plan = Hell. Hence, the plan. Oh, and Oz? Yeah, M2 now definitely wants to stay home. She's decided a picture of her friends is good enough to remember them by. Homegirl wants to be one. I told her she had to convert you, because the argument has gone out of me for the day. It's easier to give in right now.

Speaking of Oz, he finally dug his way out of the driveway this morning to go to work (lucky man... he gets to see and talk to people over 5 feet tall! And the fact that my son is 5 feet tall is disturbing, by the way). He said he's going to try to make it by the appliance store and pick up the part for my oven, all of which means that either A) I'll have a working oven tomorrow or B) I'll have a dismantled oven tomorrow.

And I'll still be stuck here.

HOWEVER! I refuse to let this post be depressing. I have pictures! And, in the spirit of denying everything, these photos are from that time, way way back in January, when we only had 3" of snow on the ground and I was excited about the white stuff and thought I'd throw cats into it. Which isn't to say a cat or two (and maybe a dog) haven't been tossed into Snowpocalypse drifts (Corgis in snow trenches look remarkably like submarines in the Arctic Ocean, by the way), but again, Denial. I am in it.

For your further amusement and mental detriment, Cat Tossing 2011:

Nice pufftail, Angry 25-Pound Kittyboy!

She came out on her own. And then froze right there, with her paws in the snow, before running back in.

Cats are hilarious.

Other random shots from the January snow days, just to keep me busy:

Diggin' the heels...

Loving that he CHOSE to read a book...

Love even more that he actually INVENTED his own vehicle (first time EVER he's invented something that wasn't square and didn't also involve directions)...

And playing with acrylics is right up her alley.

Hopefully I can escape this snowbound state in the next day or two, before the next round falls, regain some semblance of sanity, and post some great blizzard photos! I have a montage and video of Oz that are definitely shareworthy.

Peace out ;)

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You can't toss the kids out into the snow?