Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Fun

I can't deny that the snow wasn't beautiful (at first). Heck, it turned my husband's car into a hatchback, which is kind of an amusing thought.

The little birdie tracks were adorable.

It was so windy that the snow really didn't pile up on the roof much.

And I've always loved snow shadows.

Of course, the instant it warmed up to more than, say, 10 degrees (which took a couple of days), the kids wanted O-U-T.

So I bundled them up released the hounds.

Snow angels were made properly...

... and any other way the girl could think of.

The boy loved disappearing up to his knees in the snow...

... and the girl tried it and wound up sinking to her waist.

Both of them loved body-slamming themselves into snowdrifts.

Mommy had to put a stop to that after the first half dozen because she was a little worried about broken bones due to packed snow.

She's a worrywart, that Mommy person.

A good ol' horse-nuzzling was on the agenda, too...

... and so was a dog-tossing.

He was less than pleased at this, but watching a 17-lb. Schipperke flounder in the snow is hilarious.

Finally, the man and the boy HAD to have a snowball fight. I have a video exerpt of it below. I couldn't help but laugh when Oz got himself into snowdrift and could barely get through it. You can hear M1 chuckling in the background.

More snow is forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday. I just want to see mail today before the ground gets all covered again!


Mom on the Verge said...

WOW! Beautiful snow! They always told me in Connecticut that you can shovel it or ski on it. Might as well enjoy it. The kids look like they're having a blast!

And, yes, we had another tornado warning today. (!)

hornblower said...

wow, looks like fun!
I'm hoping spring is on the way for us. Bulbs are coming up, my primulas are starting up, & I keep hearing Canada geese. The latest I remember a huge dump of snow here is Valentine's day so I know it's still possible but I hope not. I get my fill of it in the mountains when we go snowboarding & I'm kind of done with the white stuff :-)