Thursday, February 24, 2011


I use a lot of words on a daily basis. It's inevitable. But in going through my family's daily word list, I've run across a few that I don't think anyone else uses. I could be wrong... but I doubt it. Some of these come from the mouths of babes, past or present. Some are just me having a strong streak of Peculiar. All of them are likely part of our vocabulary, for better or worse, forever.

1. Moop - n. -s, The act of an animal sticking a cold, wet nose on any part of your body. "EEP! Oh... it was just the cat giving me a moop!"

v. -s, -ed, -ing The act of mooping. "The horse is mooping me!"

2. Insnoosticat (in SNUS' ti cat) - n. -s, A cat that is caught sticking its nose where it doesn't belong, usually a repeat offender. "The insnoosticat is trying to get into the linen closet again, Mom!"

3. Sonjee (SAWN' jee) - n. Orange juice.

4. Beasticat (BEEST' i cat) - n. Any cat weighing over 20 pounds. They happen here. They're hilarious when they run.

5. Snack-me-over - n. A small smackerel of something to tide you over to the next meal. Particularly pertinent on holidays or during events when meals are served at a later time than usual.

6. Oogy-googy (all g's are hard) - n. An egg.

7. Hickleup - n. Those loud and occasionally painful hiccups that you can't keep quiet no matter how hard you try.

8. Schnuggle - n. What kids (and sometimes mamas) need after a good cry.

9. Nessy-mo kiss - n. Familiar term for Eskimo kiss.

10. Fufftail - n. A cat that has been properly startled and is streaking around the house with an inflated tail.

11. Puddoo (pud OO') - n. Pillow.

12. Raider-raider - n. Refrigerator.

13. Lap-sitter - n. An animal that firmly believes its place is in your lap and will run across the room to claim its spot. They will often sit for hours, no matter what else you need to be doing. (Lap-sitters rule the roost here. They are used as an excuse to get out of chores, usually with much effect. "Honey, can you do the dishes? I have a lap-sitter." OR "I need to go put the kids to bed but... well... there's a lap-sitter...")

For further reference, see also:

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I hope I'm not the only one that has odd family words and phrases. Tell me I'm not. Share if you like. I might steal them. I love to pick up new and eerily accurate words. Like schadenfreude.



rowan said...

Feetlemartian and peuce are mild curse words in our family.

Feetser or zambonie for ottoman.

Wee-wee washer fluid for windshield wiper fluid.

Okey-miskokey is okay.

There are thousands more, but the act of having to write them down has caused my brain to freeze. More coffee is required.......

Beth said...

Well we have Ish - for their lovies..

The Boy himself has about 15 names that aren't his actual name and don't even resemble his name. Roo, Puppy, Schmoopy, Poodle, Rookins, Pumpkin.

My crutches are hoppy sticks or swingy sticks.

The wheeled walker thing is wheely hopper..

Diarrhea is Poop splashes.

Cups are still cuppies - which isn't that unique..

Learning 4 Life said...

We have several too...too many to think of right now, but by far my favorites in our family are

Butuna Bombay
Famunda Cheese

Both refer to something REALLY gross or something that smells REALLY bad