Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas (Part 1)

How was Christmas? We'll let's see. I've learned some things. The big thing I've learned is that anticipation isn't the worst part. Not by a long shot. It makes the kids nuts, but it doesn't wear them out and cause a massive case of sensory overload. Thankfully, M2 isn't too bad about that; she's an extrovert. M1, on the other hand, has told us it's bedtime REALLY early the past few nights because he is SO done. Bless his heart. Not that he's had bad days. It's just been constantly busy, and that takes a toll quickly on my poor boy.

He and Oz went up to Kansas on a fudge... I mean, Grandma-fetching mission on Thursday while the girl and I cleaned the house, made dinner, Parker House rolls (during the making of which I discovered my yeast was dead, which was a whole mess in and of itself), and gluten-free muffins. Grandma spent the night, which meant that I slept in the boy's bed while he kicked me with socked feet all night long and M2 shared a bed with Oz, and then we got up on Christmas Eve Day to greet...

Granny, who was bringing up the roast turkey that needed to be heated. She also brought up gifts, of course, and two boxes of rice pilaf-esque 'stuffing.'

Then my sister and her husband showed up [note the cheesy grins that she and my mom share? I hereby promise never to do the cheesy grin thing again in a photo. I might resemble my family and OMG who wants that?? ;) ]

We ate till we couldn't eat any more, and then we adjourned to open gifts.

My sister made these hats for the kids. You can't really see it too well on this shot of M2, because she'd much rather show off the chocolate-dipped pretzel than the hat, even though she's barely taken off the hat since she got it, but it has a cute pink nose and whiskers and gray/pink ears and looks remarkably like a kitten.

M1's looks like a wolf. Except in this shot, where it resembles a turban and makes him look like he's meditating, which he's not. He's mentally telling me to go take a hike with the camera. He doesn't like having photos taken of himself these days. *sigh* The teen years are sneaking up.

One of the best gifts of all Christmas, though, was this GO-CART. My grandmother bought it for them. It's electric, and it's not going to be something they can take out in the pasture, but it's got some speed to it, and they love it. Totally friggin' awesome. My mom and I discussed the go-cart while we did dishes later and wondered why we never got anything that cool when we were kids! (Answer: We were girls and technically the go-cart is Michael's but I'm not telling the kids that EVER. Gender roles don't come into play when there's a go-cart involved.)

We even rounded out the day with a family rendition of Beatles RockBand. Because who doesn't love a little "Yellow Submarine" at Christmas? And don't worry. We didn't leave M2 out. She commandeered the drums at one point and then found her niche at the mic and wouldn't let it go for anything short of guests leaving.

What a day.

Then Santa paid a visit, and we started all over again!

M2 got a bike she'd been wanting for ages (a tricycle doesn't really cut it when you're 4 feet tall and almost 6).

M1 got a box.

That contained another box.

And the second box contained a netbook.

Boy is spoiled.

I love this shot because the Christmas ornament I got for M1 was entitled "The Magic of Believing." Since this has been the Christmas he learned the "truth" about Santa, I wanted him to have this. I think he got it.

"Mom, do you have to take photos of us eating breakfast?"

It's been quite a day. We visited my in-laws and M1 came home with a 'dig your own rocks' kit and promptly started digging up rocks. On his bed. And when Oz and I made him move the gear to his desk, it became clear that it was bedtime. M2 didn't want to go to bed, either, since she'd just broken out her brand-new art set, but I assured them both that there would be time for that tomorrow.

Thank heaven my dad and his wife are in Hawai'i for Christmas! I don't think I could take another round! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will join me in starting a new diet tomorrow!

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Mom on the Verge said...

Busy, busy, busy! At least you have people to share the preparation with. Good for you!