Monday, December 27, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas...

My daughter sang to me...

500 songs or so.

The girl has a singing fetish. I wouldn't find this nearly as annoying if she ever stopped to breathe or at least punctuated the songs with bits of silence, but alas, such is not the case. She's also recently decided that my room is no longer off-limits and that she's invited in whenever her dainty little heart desires, and so I frequently find myself with a bra or shirt or pair of pants half on when a brazen 5-year-old chuffs in with a full head of steam and starts talking and singing for all she's worth.

I usually have to interrupt her with some version of, "Get out! You're not invited! Shoo!" at which time she stares at me with an appalled expression and stalks out like that's what she meant to do in the first place and how DARE I speak to Her Highness that way. And then she returns 45 seconds later with a whole new topic of conversation on the brain.

Tonight, after dinner, she sat on the couch with Daddy and cuddled up. She was in a cuddly mood due to the viewing of her brand-new copy of Tinkerbell, which made her tear up, which I thought was adorable.

Anywho, she cuddled up with Daddy. There was silence for two seconds. Then, "dum dum de dum dum, deee dee dee dum dum... deeeee deeee dee deeeeeeeeee."

Oz turned to her and gave her a tickle. "You just can't stop singing, can you?"

"NOPE!" she proclaimed, and then she danced off to the hall to do... something. I don't know. I do know that it was punctuated with various versions of "The 12 Days of Christmas." My favorite verse went something like this:

"Nine drummers drumming,
Eight drummers drumming,
Nine drummers drumming,
Eight drummers drumming,
Nine drummers drumming.

[slight pause]

"Six geese a-laying."

[slight pause]


Clearly the girl has mental dialoge going on in her head to fill in the blanks there.

I can tolerate much when it comes to babble and song. Really I can. And I love that she knows these traditional songs.

But I swear if I have to hear the songs from her school play one more time, I just might snap. There's only so much "POOOOOOR, POOOOOR SCROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!" one mom can take before she becomes one herself.

Deeep breathing. One day she'll never sing for me again and I'll miss this.

Then again, if I've truly become Scrooge, maybe I won't.

P.S. She's still wearing the kitten hat. She has accompanied it this evening with pink and orange floral pajamas, a white and purple scarf, and yellow dress socks. Thought you'd want to know.



Brilliant Creations said...

Oh, really??? Why not try going to live with my SIL for a day or two. HA! My nephew has quite the set of lungs!!!!

Mom on the Verge said...

I hope you got some on video tape -- for blackmail. Yup, that'll make a really good story for when she's a teenager and waaaaaaay too cool!