Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have been looking for an adjective to properly describe my daughter for... well... EVER. My husband came up with this one today. Sanctimonious.

It's true. She truly believes the world revolves around her and that she's always right. She usually behaves very well and often is right, but that's not the point.

Let me illustrate.

I was admiring the jeans that I bought for her back at the beginning of fall when I realized she had outgrown every single pair of jeans that she had been able to wear in spring. I had found some jeans that fit her amazingly well - i.e. they don't display copious amounts of buttcrack and don't have decorations all over them (thus making them multi-outfit-oriented, and any mom of girls knows that it's darn near impossible to find these), so I bought her something like four pairs. Anyway, the girl heard me being happy with my purchase and decided I needed to be taken down a few notches.

"I don't like these jeans. I just wear them because they're in my drawer. I don't like them because they're just blue."

"Oh? Well, almost all jeans are blue. What color would you rather have them be?"

"Pink. And I think on Wednesday you should sew me pink jeans."


I do not sew. Period. Oz has to repair all button casualties around here because I'm actually that incompetent with a needle unless there's a cross-stitch canvas involved.

Then talk switched over to Christmas when I dared to ask her if she was excited.

"No.. I don't want gifts."

"You don't??"

"No. I don't care about toys. I don't like toys. I don't want anything. I just want pink jeans."

Oh, my.

This all comes after I caught her chewing out her best friend after the Christmas recital at the school the other day. Nothing like seeing your 5-year-old rip a new one into another student right in front of an altar. I still don't know what that was about, and she doesn't remember. Clearly it was life-altering. She also lit into her brother this morning after he dared to preempt her reading of the daily Christmas chain AND after he had apologized for doing so.

She doesn't let things go easily.


Oz and I are wondering if there's a nunnery that will accept her now. Though when we asked her if she wanted to become a Sister like her teacher (who is a wonderful, wonderful person), she was quite okay with that.

I haven't yet told her they can't wear jeans... or pink. I'll save myself the lecture and tell her another day.


Brilliant Creations said...

Oh, goodness. Nice to know that this is something that apparently affects all girls. Something very similar to the jean conversation happened with us at the mall a couple of weeks ago. And, I have flashbacks of myself as a child doing the same thing to my own mother. Oh, wait....that was only yesterday! ;)

Mom on the Verge said...

At least she'll wear them! Too bad about those pink jeans...

And are you sure she's not imperious?

Sarah said...

Ooo Imperious. I like. It's pretty close, too, though she'd consider herself God AND the Queen... ;)