Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Things the Girl Does

My girl is a barracuda.

She's one black wig and set of rockin' high heels away from being the spitting image of Lucy Liu in "Charlie's Angels" where she pretends to be the efficiency expert in a room full of high-school-mentality men. Know the scene? The one where she whacks her riding crop on a table and the whole room jumps? I giggle every time, right before I get an overwhelming scent of GIRL POWER and feel a little awesome even though my fat duff is the one sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Anyway, my daughter. I told you she had charisma.

Yesterday, she cleaned out her room. She had some stuff to give away and a fairly good-sized sackload of trash. From start to finish, cleaning took her about two hours, and she went through EVERYTHING. (I want her energy.)

Yesterday afternoon, I told the boy to go do the same. He shrieked like I was trying to kill him, but he agreed when I told him he could get back his confiscated-for-two-weeks DS if he completed the chore. (The DS was confiscated because he had been told NO MORE DS and was then caught playing the DS when he told me he was going to be reading a book. Yeah, Lego Indiana Jones does not equal "reading a book." Nice try, Mr. McFly.) Anyway, he has a few more toys than M2, but not much. However, three hours later, I couldn't even get inside the door of his room, it was so blocked with... stuff. He hadn't done anything other than disperse laundry throughout his room and turn on his radio full-blast to drown out the sound of his sister singing. I had known he would be overwhelmed by the job, so I had given him specific tasks, but he hadn't buckled down at all. It was utter chaos.

I didn't get him in trouble, though. Not at all. I just told him that he had to finish the job before we could go somewhere other than running errands this week and invited him to come have dinner.

Today, after running these errands, M2 asked if she could go into M1's room and help him finish the job since he had made essentially no progress before we left the house and really didn't seem motivated to get done any time this year. (I do forget sometimes that the boy really doesn't care if we ever leave the house again.) I said okay but that if I heard bickering, they would be separated instantly and that M1 woud be back on his own. I also agreed to pay M2 five bucks if she could motivate the boy, and he agreed that he would listen to her if she had good ideas.

I figured the plan would backfire, but eh, what the hey, she wanted to try. I'd had no success, so why not try Plan B?

We got home, ate lunch, and the children disappeared into M1's room. The door was left open by design. I went to my room to read and keep a close ear on things, but I could barely concentrate on the book because I kept hearing snippets like, "NO, M1, that doesn't go there!" and "What on earth do you have that for??" and "You can't stop. If you stop working, I stop working." and "No, if we keep moving, Mom promised to read us another chapter, remember?" and "I want my five bucks, so let's get done, okay?"

An hour and a half later, the boy's room was spotless. Everything was sorted and classified, bins were arranged by color (not kidding), everything was put away, and the trash was hauled out.

M2 - 1
M1 - 0
Mom - Flabbergasted

If it wasn't for child labor laws, I'd let the girl out for hire. She has one awesome work ethic. (And I still want her energy.)


Brilliant Creations said...

I need some of that over this way!!!! You are blessed!!!!

Mom on the Verge said...

AWESOME!! Team Sunnyview rocks!