Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day with Hermine

It's pouring rain today, thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine.  It's not a bad thing, though!  It's helped me remember all the best things about homeschooling. 

Like no start time!  M1 came home and insisted that he is going to work the night shift when he grows up, so he was going to start a proper graveyard shift sleep schedule today.  He changed out of his day clothes back into his pajamas and climbed straight into bed.  He stayed there till I got him up for lunch at 11:30.  I'm pretty sure he slept, but he also read a book on Sacagawea.  He now wants to 'be' Lewis & Clark.  I had to inform him that I think the United States is pretty well mapped out these days, but that if he had been alive in 1803, I'm sure Thomas Jefferson would have asked for his help.

Next best thing about homeschooling?  Math in your underwear!  And history in your underwear!  And writing in your underwear!  And Latin lying upside down on the floor... in your underwear!

OK, so *I* was fully clothed, but the boy was determined to be Captain Underpants for as long as possible today.  Between tighty whiteys (which were gray today) and an incredibly stained, two-sizes-too-small white T-shirt, he reminded me of the little boy he used to be.  At least until he stretched himself across the entire doorway of the dining room.  *sigh*

Another great part of homeschooling is reviewing at leisure.  He rediscovered his history narration book today.  It contains his narrations from last year as well as this year, and he felt like reviewing.  Who am I to argue?  And when I suggested that I request some review materials from the library, he was enthusiastic.  I can review in the form of videos and not have to do meaningless worksheets afterward to make sure that he's paying attention.  All bonuses.

He's decided where he's going to college today as well.  He also wants to work there or, barring that, start his own scientific institute of learning.  What college is this, you may ask?  MIT, of course.  Where else?  OK, OK, so maybe CalTech.  I am raising Sheldon, after all.

Finally, getting 'ahead' in the curriculum.  He finished a spelling book last week.  There are nine more lessons in his math book.  He's going through the technical drawing book today with the determination to get to a picture of a bicycle.  He *loves* passing these milestones and being able to keep going.  There are nine more logic problems left in his current book, and the next book arrived today via Amazon.  He knew I'd ordered it, and when I brought the box in off the front porch and shook it in front of him, his eyes lit up.  He pounced on the book and immediately flipped through it.  Who else but a homeschooled student gets excited about more work??

Peaceful days full of coffee, learning, and review.  This is the stuff homeschooling life is supposed to be made of.  Remind me of this next time he refuses to listen!

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Mom on the Verge said...

Ahh yes. I WISH my kid wanted to meet milestones just for fun!