Monday, September 20, 2010

More Thoughts on Laundry

A couple months ago, you might recall, I made my own liquid laundry detergent.  I made two gallons.  It was working beautifully, but I had someone comment that they had used the recipe and had their clothes start looking dingy after a couple of months.

I'm happy to say two things:
1.  My clothes are no dingier now than when I began this experiment.  I suspect throwing the vinegar into the mix has helped, because we do have hard water.  Or I could just be blind.  Or my clothes could have been fairly grubby in the first place.  There's no telling.
2.  I have just finished up the two gallons.  That means it takes about two (summer) months for me to use two gallons, which isn't a bad deal considering I do about half a dozen loads a week and have a top-loading machine, which means I'm supposed to use 5 oz. per load.  You front-loading types would get it even better.  I do more loads in winter, so it won't last quite as long this time (assuming the temperature ever drops below 90 around here), but that's all right.

I'll be making another batch this evening.  Very, very cheap laundry detergent that works is a very, very good thing!

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