Saturday, September 18, 2010

When Cats Do Chores

Laundry.  I'm very glad the kids are old enough to fold their own and put it away.  I'm very glad when it's done.  And I'm very glad I have help.  Comedic relief is always welcome.

You make bed??
Hermes particularly loves it when I strip and remake the beds.  Dorian does, too, but since Hermes came along, Dorian has ceded the position of Bed Sitter.

Oh hai!
Hermes will fly down the hall and skid onto the bare mattress and perch there impatiently.  When I toss the fitted sheet over him, he squats down and waits...

while I tuck him in.  He loves being a very wiggly, attack-happy cat lump.  He holds very still and sits very quietly while I add the flat sheet, the comforter, pillows, extra blanket, and stuffed animals over him, though if my hands get near him, he'll try to attack them through the layers.  Once I'm done and things get quiet, he'll wriggle out of his hidey-hole, dash down the hall to the next room, and do it again.

When he came to the next room on Monday, however, he ran into... Laundry Cat.  Laundry Cat's real name is Vixen, aka Vixyboo if you ask the children, but on Mondays and Fridays, she transforms into Laundry Cat.

It's a superhero thing.

Laundry Cat is highly possessive of her Laundry.  She loves laundry.  I have absolutely no idea where it comes from, but the second she hears the rustle of cotton against cotton, she appears from nowhere, usually blinking sleep from her eyes.

Hey!  This is MY turf!
She usually doesn't like being tucked in like Hermes and Dorian do; rather, she hops down and tries to steal the sheets away from me as I toss them over the bed.  "MY sheet!" she says with her claws. "Mine!  Mine mine mine!"

Once I wrangle the sheets away from her, tuck Hermes into all the beds, and repeat the process a third time, I pile the rest of the laundry on my bed to be sorted, and she tags along.

Empty hamper?  Don't mind if I do!
She hops into the hamper and waits.

Well?!?  Where's it at??
Heaven forbid I take too long sorting.  And if she thinks something is being tossed into the wrong pile (or I just happen to toss something over her head), she'll snag it and run off with it or sit on it, depending on her ever-changing mood.  Girls are hormonal that way.

Her favorite part, though, comes when I get done sorting.

You rang??
FREE RIDE!!!  She sits happily while I tuck the laundry all around her.  I don't often leave her head sticking out, but I was feeling generous.  Usually I just dump it all on top of her.  I'm hormonal, too.  And then she gets a ride to the laundry room.  The kids love to look through the sides of the hamper to see who can find Laundry Cat first.

Yes... she IS asleep.
She's quite content in her little laundry cave, and she doesn't like the laundry to be taken away.  The kids love to put the first few layers of laundry into the washer, but once they start to unearth Laundry Cat, the job comes back to me because there's a great chance of getting clawed in the process.  They giggle hysterically as I take one piece of laundry at a time away from Laundry Cat, only to have half of them swiped out of midair by a kitty paw that then tucks the laundry safely away under the Belly of the Beast until I try again. 

Once I have all the laundry out of the hamper and ensconced safely in the washer, Laundry Cat disappears until it's time to fold and put it all away... and then she does it all again!

I may not necessarily enjoy doing laundry, but between kids and cats, there's an element of fun in it after all. Mary Poppins may have known a thing or two about cats.


Habebi said...

Ha ha ha!!! I LOVE these pictures. Cats are so much fun and your kitties are very adept at being funny.

Mom on the Verge said...


hornblower said...

So funny!

My Rachel, who is the laziest cat alive, goes all crazy at the sight of a totally bare mattress. Some of our beds are the type that need flipping, so every once in a while I strip them completely & haul them up against a wall, taking the opportunity to vac under the bed at the same time & rescue the 6 month overdue library book. Rachel will wake out of the coma she spends her days in & come and try to climb the shiny silky mattress cover fabric. And for an old gimpy cat that can't climb (& never has been able to, as long as I've known her), she puts on a good show of "I'm a fierce climbing cat, getting to the top of the mattress tree." WHAT is it about it that's so exciting? I can't figure it out.