Monday, September 13, 2010


M1 really, really likes video games.  I have been told it goes hand in hand with being a boy/being ADHD/being Asperger's, but honestly I think it's just a glorious part of being a kid in this day and age.

Anyway, I'd been experimenting with various incentives for focusing on math.  I'd tried money bonuses ("Mom, do I have $2 yet?  Can you take me to a store clear across town so I can spend my $2 on a whoopie cushion?"), TV show bonuses ("Mom, is there another episode yet?  Mom, how come there aren't any more episodes yet?"), and finally, FINALLY, it occurred to me that not only can I reward him, but I can make him work on his time-management and mental skills at the same time!

I broke out "Big Brain Academy!"

He is loving it.  He's self-motivated enough that he's really pushing himself to do well in math so that he can get more BBA time so he can earn more medals.

He got his first silver medal today. 

He's just a tad proud of himself.  I can't blame him, and I agree with the little peanut-looking instructor that great things are in store!

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