Monday, September 6, 2010

Trip Part Deux... and My Award

First of all, this is my Award.  I never knew I was stylish, but hey, I'll take it!  Apparently there are rules that go along with the award.  I am to tell five odd things about myself or my blog and then pass the award on.  I think I can work with that.

1.  I hate getting my ears wet.  I've been that way since childhood, and M2 inherited that fear.  She's conquering hers better than I think I've ever conquered mine, because when we were in the pool at the hotel on Saturday, she kept asking me to go underwater, and I wouldn't, and that is why.  She doesn't know that, though, and I'm going to keep it that way.  M1, on the other hand, is a fish like his father.  They both think that water was made for being under.

2.  I have never been good at packing suitcases.  I can fit a ton of stuff in when I leave, but it never lasts and never goes back in the same way.  This time, I packed a special shampoo to get the pool chlorine out of our hair after we had gone swimming, and guess what?  Never mind that it was in a bag.  It still managed to open and dump its contents all over the suitcase, including my pajamas, Oz's pajamas, Oz's jeans, etc.  There is nothing like calling your mother and begging to use her washer and dryer when you're also dragging along two kids who can't sit still.  And the clothes in question aren't theirs.  *sigh* 

3.  While we did have a cassette player when I was young and we were within hearing distance of several radio stations, my primary music sources were my mother playing the piano and this: 

That's right... a record player.  Turntable.  Whatever you want to call it, that was our main source of music.  My sister and I were slightly afraid of it, because we were never ever EVER in a million years allowed to touch it.  I still use two hands to lift the lid because the fear of the Angry Mother Goddess is so deeply ingrained.

The kids discovered the magic of the record player when we visited my mom over the weekend.  M2 picked the record.  It was one of mine as a child - Rainbow Brite Christmas songs.  It totally took me back to sitting on long-fibered brown carpet in homemade pajamas in front of the Christmas tree, sometimes with a fire crackling in the fireplace, and opening gifts.  It was a very special Christmas if the cat got to come into the house and play for a while.  Her name was Patches, and she wasn't fond of children, but my sister and I were fascinated by her.

4.  I am a light sleeper.  I also do not like to be touched while sleeping.  When we got back to the hotel, we all had to go to bed.  It was about 9 p.m. when we all laid down, but after the busy day we had had, the kids were exhausted.  M1 slept with Oz and his CPAP, and M2 slept with me.  I say "slept," because that's a very subjective term.  M2 is a touchy-feely sort, and she had to be touching me somewhere, somehow all night long.  I'd turn over, and she'd adjust herself to match.  I'd try to turn back to the middle of the bed, and I had to move her entire being in order to do that, which meant she'd wake up just enough to realize she wasn't touching me any more, and she'd move again.  My sensor of sensory overload was blaring by 2 a.m., and when I got up to use the bathroom at 5 a.m. and came back to find half a girl on my pillow, I nearly lost it.  Thankfully, we all survived the night.

5.  I have always admired my paternal grandmother and wanted to be like her, but the older I get, the more I realize I'm a bit more like my maternal grandmother and that both grandmothers are more alike than I used to give them credit for.  Neither of them have a high crap tolerance, both of them enjoy creating things (my paternal grandmother - Gran - crochets blankets and my maternal grandmother - Grandma W. - makes food), and both of them have complimented me on how I'm raising my children.

And anyone who can make me feel good about raising my kids ranks high in my book.

Back to the award.  I award it to anyone who will take it, but I would love it if you'd link in your comments to where you have displayed it!  I'd love to see where it goes!

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