Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend of Fun and Family

I have an award that I should be displaying instead of blabbing all about my weekend, but priorities rule.  I love awards, but I love showing off pics of my kids even more.  So I'll say a huge shout out and thank you to Megan for the award, and I'll get to it in the next day or so, I promise! 

I surprised the kids with trip this weekend.  Oz and I had decided to go down and visit Science Museum Oklahoma, my mother, my sister and brother-in-law, and my grandmother.  And because M2 had been begging to go swimming, we booked a night at a hotel with a kickin' pool.  Oz spends enough nights at various hotels that it was FREEEEEEE... and I like free!

We headed to McDonald's for a pre-trip breakfast on our way out of town.  In-car breakfasts are a tradition with us on long trips, like bringing DVDs to play in the van's DVD system so I don't have to listen to children bickering all the way down or up whichever turnpike we're taking.  Makes life easier.

And I realized how small of a town we live near.  This car was at a dealership next to the McD's.  Very nice-looking vehicle.  The keys looked pretty spiffy, too.

We hopped on the road, and I turned on "Mr. Bean's Holiday."  The kids had never seen it but thorougly enjoyed it.  The best part, though, was when M1 listened to the following bit of dialogue:

French woman:  [speaking French]
Mr. Bean:  Non.
French woman:  [speaking French]
Mr. Bean:  Oui.
French woman:  You speak French very well.
Mr. Bean:  Gracias.

M1 instantly realized the flaw and humor in this conversation, and he was thrilled with himself for knowing what was 'wrong.'  When he realized that he also knew the word 'oui' a few minutes later, he was even happier. 

We made it down to the museum without incident, and M2 was beside herself with excitement when we got there.  We had to wait in line for a little bit, and she was bouncing and twirling and jumping with happiness about getting to go through a turnstile on the way into the museum.  We arrived about 15 minutes before a science show about explosions was supposed to start, and M1 wanted to see the show.  Oz took him there, and M2 and I set off on our own adventures.

She twirled... repeatedly.

She slid down a slide based on an Archimedes screw... repeatedly (and has the bruises all over her arms to prove it).

She climbed up the ladder into a little house, dashed across and out the other side, and swang on the swings that were hung underneath this building.  The swings were all different shapes, and her favorite was the one shaped like a trapezoid.

We then repeated this whole procedure a couple of times before I insisted we move on to see other things.  Then Vanity Girl discovered...

the mirror maze.

It was all I could do to get her out of here.  She twirled and danced and admired herself ad nauseum.  She did whack her face a couple of times in the process but was completely undeterred.  What finally encouraged her to leave was peeking out the door and realizing there were stairs that led up to...

Gymnastics mats.

We spent a good 45 minutes here.  I'd rearrange the mats a little bit, and she'd go up and down and over and around; she'd rearrange the mats and do it all again.  Once a girl, probably about 7, decided to show off on the balance beam, and M2 hopped right up there with her, determined not to be outdone, and mimicked everything.  Thankfully the other girl was kind and patient and enjoyed her little ape.  When I told M2 that Oz and M1 were out of their show, she agreed to leave the mats behind and instantly got sidetracked by the sound of her own voice.

I'm standing at an identical dish about 20 feet away.  She loved that she could whisper or talk into a small ring in the center and hear me reply while facing the other direction.  I sort of explained the mechanism behind it, though I don't think she cared.  She just wanted to sing.

We met back up with Oz and M1 and swapped kids for a little while.  M1 really enjoys thinking about all the science behind things, and even though he was already getting tired (not sure how the show tired him out, but he's a growing boy), he still found enjoyment in the small things.

One of the only photos I got of him is this one, where he's sitting and trying to stump a 20 Questions computer program.  He didn't stay long here because he wanted to explore other areas, and he wandered over to the play area where M2 had started.  He discovered a trebuchet sort of mechanism and tried it out with some (soft) balls designed for that use.  There's a set-up on the ground for the balls to land, and the kids are supposed to get points for aiming right.  I think it's more luck than anything, but M1 took several shots at it.  Mostly he was getting hungry.  He talked M2 into heading to the hotel, with a couple of detours to fire the Tesla coil and admire the Segway driving area, and we headed out, tired and hungry... temporarily, of course.

The hotel and pool and Granny time were in store for later!


Habebi said...

Oh gah... M1 looks like Oz in that last picture!! LOL

I guess I'll forgive you for posting pictures of your kiddos before the award. I mean, yeah, they are [a LOT] cuter than any blog award. ;-)

Oh and you're most welcome!

Kelley said...

That place is AWESOME, I loved going there as a kid (and an adult :P). I'm glad that your kiddos had a good time there! :)