Saturday, October 3, 2009

A firey sort of day

No pictures again today, though I wish I had been smart enough to bring my camera to everything. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. And I am exhausted.

M2 had a birthday party to attend this morning. M1 stayed home with Oz while we went to that. They watched Madagascar 2 since it was on TV. M2 and I went to the Home Depot Kids' Workshop where she built a fire station bank with her friends to kick the party off. Then we went back to the party boy's house for the rest of the party. Who knew that building a wooden bank would be such a great kids' party activity? It was, though. All of the kids, and even the parents, had such a great time building something they could take home. Plus Home Depot really hams it up. The kids get an apron when they go in, and the kids write their name on the apron. For every project they complete, they get a different pin to attach to their apron. When they finish the project, the project gets stamped on the bottom, and you can write their name and the date on it. In addition to all that, they get a certificate of completion! You can't beat it! I hope we will take M1 next month. Since they're free, it's a perfect kick-off-the-cold-winter-day activity.

It was a good thing we got to eat pizza at the party, though - M2 really impresssed a mom by eating an entire ginormous slice of pizza and telling me she was hungry five minutes later - because by the time we got home, it was time to grab M1 and head out again.

Did I mention I'm the Tiger Cub den leader for our pack?

Let me now share with you my scouting experience.




Right. Now that that's done, back to the story. So we picked up M1 and went to the other mom's house for a quick den meeting before we headed out to our Go-See-It. Since there are only three boys in our den (M1 and the twins, J & F), we plan things when it's convenient for the two of us. I'm hoping this will translate to a lot of activities. So far, it has.

I ran a quick meeting about citizenship before we headed out (yay to my boys for completing the Pledge of Allegience achievement and working on that all-important salute!) to an area fire station.

When we got there, it was very impressive. I really, really wish I could find an image of the building. It's brand-new. Brand spankin' new. So brand new, in fact, that when we stepped into the vestibule, there was a keypad on the inner door to get in. Next to the door was a phone. No instructions were near the phone. When the other mom (M) had arranged the tour, she hadn't had to go inside since the firemen were outside, so she had no idea how to work the phone. I picked up the phone and said hello but nobody responded. I thought I heard someone in another room saying hello back but couldn't be sure, and nobody appeared to open the door. Hm. Pause. Pick up the phone again, hit 0, and say hello. Nothing. Double hm. M and her son F headed out to see if they could see anyone out in the garages near the fire trucks, but nobody was out there. About the time they came back, a side door opened and in stepped a fireman.

Turns out they could hear me but I couldn't hear them, and the reason they had no idea what to do was that the phone had been installed on Friday and nobody had bothered to tell them about it! They had no idea it was even there! :D After we left, we heard them playing with the system and trying to figure out how it worked. Grown men playing with phones is pretty funny, by the way, especially when you can hear their voices clear out in the parking lot.

The tour, however, was fabulous, the best one I've ever been on by far. Two of the on-duty firemen spent an hour showing off their new facility and explaining everything to the kids. They went down the pole - one of them went down one-handed - just to show off. They let the kids climb through the trucks, lift the suits, check out the hazmat room (no dangerous chemicals, just lots of stuff for containing and cleaning those items), browse through the kitchen with three new stainless steel refrigerators (they explained that they have to have three because there are three shifts of guys and they'll all eat each other's food if it's left out), and told us all about it for an hour. These guys are now minor deities in the eyes of my Tigers.

All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic tour, and since we topped it off with Happy Hour Sonic drinks (6 drinks for $3.81), the kids really enjoyed it.

And so did M and I.


So the kids and I made it back home, exhausted but happy, and met Oz as he was finishing up mowing and weedeating (!!!) the yard. Oz never weedeats, so I had to put those exclamation points there just to show how surprised I really truly was.

It was just an awesome day. I hope tomorrow will bring pictures and more awesomeness. Have a great weekend :)

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