Sunday, May 16, 2010


The kids were eating applesauce the other day. It's a standard snack around here. The cat Tempest likes it, too, and will hover to see if she gets to clean out the bowls when the kids are done.

Anyway, M1 asked, "Mom, is this your applesauce?"

"No, love... we ate that up a long time ago. Why?"

"Because I like yours better. Can we make it again sometime?"


And with that, since Oz was being made into a store Sherpa anyway, I added apples to the list.

Red Delicious really aren't on my list of applesauce apples because of their sharp flavor, but Oz read Jonathans on the sign above and didn't read the bags below.

C'est la vie. I plowed onward. Not much stops me when I get started.

I peeled, cored and sliced. Really I didn't have to slice them; quartering would have been enough. The thing is, though, that it only takes me about an extra minute, all told, to slice all the apples, and it saves me about 20 minutes of boiling time in the end.

Don't forget to weigh the apples you put in the pot, or you won't know how much sugar to put in! I had 3 lb. of apples to begin with and wound up with 2 lb., 4 oz. of apples in the pot.

Add about 1/4 c. water per pound of apples. Set them on the stove, cover the pot, bring them to a boil, then simmer 20-30 minutes or till completely soft and mushy. When they're about 2/3 cooked, put in about 1/4 c. sugar per pound of apples, IF desired. With Red Delicious apples, it was pretty much required.
This is where I employed the slave labor who wanted the applesauce in the first place. He mashed until they were broken up a good bit. That was good enough last fall, but this time he insisted that I toss everything into the mixer and get it all 'in sandy grains,' as he put it.

Here's the applesauce! You could add cinnamon if you like, but I prefer to add it when I eat it, if at all.

I got about 4 c. of applesauce after all was said and done. Seeing as the bag of apples was on sale for $3, it's not a bad deal!

Labeled and into the freezer it went, although I imagine the labeling will be just to let me know how quickly it goes rather than reminding me it's getting old.

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sparkly said...

oooh, yum! I love applesauce. I'm making this. My mom and dad always called it "applesmooch."