Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They're heeeeere!


I'm a tad excited. But let me get you the whoooole story.

It was a bizarre morning - mostly good, but weird. The phone rang at 7:15 a.m. with a message from M2's school saying that the power was out at the school and that while they were hoping to have it restored by 8:30, there was no guarantee. I took her up there hoping that it'd be fixed by the time we made it, but not only was the power still out, I have no idea where the teachers were hiding. The preschool was locked and dark.

So, joy of joys, I got to take two children with me (instead of the presumed one who had come armed with an atlas and an art book) to a dentist's appointment. Have you ever done that? I don't recommend it. Ever.

By the way, we skipped school today, even after we found out the power was back on and school was still in session. Yay truancy! ;)

On the way to the dentist's office I got a call.

It was the post office, but I thought it might have been the preschool since they have the same first three numbers.

"Sarah?" (They knew my name.)

"Yes?" (I assumed I knew who this was.)

"This is the West Side Post Office. We have some chicks for you."

"Oh... already???"

This was me, exiting the highway on the way to a dentist appointment with two kids instead of one, trying to mentally calculate not only brake times and how to corral two children in a tiny room while my mouth is stuffed full of suction tube and tooth cleaner and dental hygienist fingers but ALSO... do I *really* have everything for the chicks? Thank heaven I picked up the food 'early.' I thought I had till Thursday!

This was me discovering I was wrong.

So we all survived the dentist and then went and picked up the chickies. And got the aquarium turned chicken brooder set up.

I got exactly what I wished for in terms of breeds.

There are four of these (Barred Plymouth Rocks) which will be black and white striped as adults.

Four of these (Rhode Island Reds) which will be your typical 'rojo' type of chicken.

Megan, you better be laughing.

And four of these (Australorps). They'll be pretty much all black.

The cats thought that they looked like a very lovely dinner initially, but they've already lost interest for the most part.

Except for Dorian Gray, who took one look at the "wildlife" in the house and scurried away as fast as his chubby self could go.
They're awfully nice little birds. This is the matriarch. I'm calling her Sophia, after the Golden Girls. Michael loves that show, and quite frankly I think that those names make great chicken names. The other Reds will be Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche.

Yes, I'm naming the chickens. But as I told some friends today, if Dorothy turns out to be Danny, he'll very quickly find himself being Dinner. Names do not a pet make.

And no, I did not get pooped on in the making of these photos. They're well-behaved ladies.


And now, come with me as I make another step away from being a "city" girl with no chicken experience to a "country" girl who fears nothing.

Except tornados, but they're gone now, thank heaven.
Chicks are cute when they sleep, aren't they?

No, it's not dead. THIS is how chickens sleep. Well, not always. But apparently how this one does.

Until I woke it up because some of the chickens were getting a condition called 'pasting up.'

Wanna know what that means?

It means they're constipated. And their... um... holes... are clogged.

Guess who gets to clean that?

That's right. I cleaned chicken butt tonight. And applied olive oil to try to prevent it from happening again.

They don't teach you about THAT in school, do they??

What a shame...


Habebi said...

ROFL!! Yes, I was laughing in case you were curious. But, the picture of you beaming in your dishwashing gloves really put me over the edge! That image is going to stick with me all day now. ;-)

Jon and I picked up some chicken eggs at the Farmer's Market when we went in April and they were amazing! They had such a different flavor, but, in a good way. I can't wait to try yours! How long is it going to take those buggers to grow?

Oh and I agree those are all fabulous names for chickens. No two ways about it.

Sarah said...

They won't be laying for several months, and even when they do, their first eggs will be tiny. And then winter will be a slow laying time, too. I'm impatient, though!

Learning 4 Life said...

Loved the post. You crack me up! Good luck with the chicks :-)

merielle said...

Loved this!!! Everyone I know is getting chickens this year and I'm jealous. :-) Maybe next year. Great pics btw!