Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few random things

Just a few things to share tonight. No pictures, just... stuff. Random stuff.

I'm good at random! :D


M2 is a cling monster lately. I'm referring to her as my Kling-On. If only there was a Bounce-like spray to remove her.


There was an EF-2 tornado about 4 miles from my home around 5 o'clock this morning. M1 had gotten up to snuggle in bed with me because he heard the wind and rain and thunder. I checked the radar, determined it was nothing to be worried about especially since there were no warnings whatsoever, answered the text from my friend asking if I had heard the tornado sirens going off in the city (I can barely hear the sirens on a clear day if I'm in the house, so... no, not so much), and went back to sleep. In other words, if that tornado had been 4 miles closer, that would have been one NASTY surprise. I'm trying not to dwell on it, but that's a bit too close for comfort.


Wolfgang Puck Bistro is going to open here soon. I'm a tad excited about that one because he likes to use local ingredients. And I'm a foodie.


Chickies are doing great and growing like... well, growing like the garden. Pictures of both to be up soon. Tomorrow is 'open house' for people to come see the chicks. I'm excited.


And finally!

M1 made himself laugh so hard he nearly choked this evening. He and I were sitting at M2's school waiting on her end-of-year program to start, and he pointed out a boy sitting up in the choir area.

"Taylor's always up there," he stated. "He's in the choir. He likes singing. I'll never be up there."

"Well, maybe not, hun, but he likes to sing, and you don't, so you're both doing things you like." That was me trying to make sure the boy feels good about himself. It's a mom's job.

"Yeah but he's really good. And I'm not good."

"No, but I bet he's not as good at science as you are, either. I bet he couldn't name three types of ants."

That one got a grin.

"That's easy! Fire ants, leafcutter ants... and... velvet ants."

"Good job!" I praised him.

And then he started giggling uncontrollably.

Lest you are as confused as I was and haven't clicked on the link to the corresponding Wikipedia article, he then went on to explain that velvet ants are not, in fact, ants. They are wasps that look like ants. And the little turd knew it.

Gotta love it when my 7-year-old is showing off his mom's ignorance already. God help me during the teen years.

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Heather said...

The tornado got extremely close to my house as well. Homes about 2 or 3 miles from us had their roofs taken off, windows shattered...I am uneasy about our lack of warning. I woke when I heard the wind hit the house and got my girl and turned on the tv....'oh, just a thunderstorm!' Thanks Trav :P