Monday, May 10, 2010

Storm update!

Well, there have been several tornadoes already, all off to the north or southwest. There's been damage to a truck stop and a trailer park down near Oklahoma City and at least a few fields hit up north. Here's some footage of the storm down SW.

If all goes well with this round, we'll be safe. It looks like the storms are going to go north and south of us and we'll barely see any rain... which I do need rain! C'mon! Compromise?

Anyway, this storm is bringing in VERY warm air behind it and has the risk of developing a *second* line of storms behind it. How odd is that?!?

I'm feeling a lot better at the moment, though, and am very glad to see that all the preparations may have been for nothing. I would MUCH rather have made the effort for no reason (all dressed up with no place to go in this case is a very, very good thing!) than to have been blase and gotten my family into a nasty situation.

Maybe one more update, but for the moment *knock wood* we seem to be in the clear. Woohoo!

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Habebi said...

I'm so relieved too! And you're right better safe than sorry! My cousin's family is in Norman and thank goodness they all are safe! Fingers crossed there aren't in more tornado-producing storms. Storms are ok... tornados... eh not some much.