Monday, May 10, 2010

Not funny, God...

Any time the weather forecast for the day says, "Near-perfect conditions for destructive tornadoes," I freak out just a little, and God and I start having conversations where I start bargaining for safety. We do have a shelter, but I'm pretty darn scared of the potential of this storm today. Oz has already gone down there and made sure the hydraulic jack, snacks, and water are down there. I'm packing a bag of all the things I want to take down with me and, once storms start cropping up and I start watching the radar like a hawk, I will let the kids do the same.

It was tough to take M2 to school this morning. She started squalling on the way there and was screaming and carrying on that she didn't want to go. The teacher literally had to pry her off my leg. That didn't help my paranoia any because all I wanted to do was just cave and bring her home and snuggle her all day, not that it would have done any good because she would have wanted to know why she was home, and I'm trying hard not to share the anxiety.

Tornado watch is already in effect till 10 p.m. Hopefully I won't need to use the camera I have in the shelter bag!

However, it's in there, just in case...

I'm off to clean random things in my house to deal with the anxiety and continue to bargain with the Big Man Upstairs. I'll try to keep you updated with radar pictures if I can swing it. 'Cause there's nothing like a big red and black radar picture to make me feel better.

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Habebi said...

Lots of hugs your way girl! I will give you a hollar later if it gets nasty, which it probably will. I can't help it, I will need to know you're ok. :) Hang in there!