Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I promise he's not being cruel...

Let me introduce you to the basics of my son.

He has Asperger's. That means that when he has pictures taken,

he tends to freeze into one position. Notice the lack of emotion on his face? Let me assure you he was a very, very contented boy at that moment, no matter what his face might be telling you.

Now, whether Speed Bump would agree with that whole 'contented' thing is another story.

By the way, meet Speed Bump, the giant Corgi who is becoming less giant and more active by the day. He can run up the back steps now instead of taking five minutes to climb them!

Back to the boy... so Asperger's boy is scientifically-inclined. And he also has ADHD, mixed type, which means impulse issues abound.

And when you combine a massive lack of impulse control with a boy who wants to scientifically test EVERYTHING....

you get...


Let's play a game with this photo. It's called "Find the Whiskers."

That's right... THOSE whiskers. The ones my son trimmed because he had NO idea it was potentially harmful to a cat... and he wanted to see what happened if a cat had short whiskers.

"Mom... make him stop using me as a tester, k? Thx."

Poor Hermes. Thankfully his whiskers will grow back, and... well, this is going to sound horrid, but at least M1 did a wonderfully symmetric job of it, right??? Hermes' jumping abilities haven't been affected in the least, as I verified the day after I discovered the whisker-trimming job when Hermes parked his busybody butt on the top of my 6-ish-foot dresser.

As a girlfriend posted on my Facebook the other day when I mentioned I was having a rough time: "I don't think Einstein's mother had it easy, either."

I like the way her mind works.

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Habebi said...

I don't think the overstuffed sausage minds much either. Besides, I doubt he feels much through all that fat and fur! lol