Saturday, May 15, 2010

As my boy digs a hole in the back yard...

I'm going to post about the girl. She doesn't always seem to get equal time on this blog, which isn't really her fault, so today this post is ALL about her.

She had a performance at her school the other night. She's the tall, lanky blonde. The little girl on her right is her school best friend R. Not to be confused with her mom's group best friend A. The girl who is almost as tall as M2 that's on R's right is Michael's 'girlfriend' K. All three of those little girls get along. Because they're all show-off drama queens.

This was a rousing rendition of "Humpty Dumpty" in which the girls played the king's horses. The boys were the king's men and got to hold cardboard, foil-covered swords.


Last night was M2's violin recital. Poor girl hadn't wanted to go but decided at some point during the week that she would play after all. So she dressed up and we went.

She did a great job on her solo! She was about two years younger than anyone else performing, so I thought she did great. I'm biased, but still. She had a very pretty sound and good tempo.

Then, at the end of the recital after all the solos were played and all the awards were given out, all the kids went up to perform some songs as a group.

And that's when tragedy struck.

Notice all the bows? Everyone else has theirs in their RIGHT hands. M2's is in her LEFT. So when she went to put her violin on her shoulder and hold her bow, it was all backwards.

When she realized she hadn't done it right, the subsequent embarrassment caused a massive meltdown that caused her face to melt while she ran offstage and straight into Mama's lap. She buried her head in my shoulder and bawled till it was all over.

Then we made it all better with pink-frosted cupcakes and chocolate ice cream at Braum's.

I'm so proud of her for having tried, and I can't wait to see how she does next year!

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Habebi said...

Congratulations to her! Sounds like she did a wonderful job despite the little flub at the end. Glad cupcakes and ice cream mended the wound.