Friday, May 7, 2010

Beautiful surprises

We've been in our current house about 8 years now. We moved in when I was pregnant with M1. When we got here, the previous owners had planted rosebushes in three places in our yard. I'm not good with roses, so I resigned them to their fates. One was beside the wishing well with a trellis that fell down the first spring we were there. The rose itself died last year when we had some nasty wind. The other two were in front of the wagon wheels that border our driveway. One of those died a couple years after we moved in. The other one, slowly but surely, has kept growing. It has never produced more than two or three roses per year, though.

Until this year. It is COVERED in roses. Beautiful roses.

It kind of reminds me of our children, in a way.

Small buds... that grow into beautiful flowers...

... and fill our lives with joy.

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