Friday, May 21, 2010

Cub Scout Banquet

M1's Cub Scout Banquet was this evening.

I have to hand it to our Cubmaster Kris. She rocked the house with all the stuff she had for the boys. In addition to their pins, beads, and belt loops (and goody bags at the end)...

She had certificates for each boy

And even arranged for the local fire precinct to come and show off all the goods!

They let the kids climb all over the truck, literally.

Flashed the lights and sounded the siren and blew the horn

And showed off every single tool on the truck.

This was a favorite. This is a huge fan that they use to help blow smoke out of a building that's been ablaze, and the kids (well, except for M1, whose sound sensitivity was WAY up at this point) really enjoyed getting a little windblown for the occasion.

Thanks, guys!

Then they presented each boy with their patch for achieving their level. M1 got his Tiger Cub patch and was SO excited.

Then, of course, we had cake.

Yes, I made it. I do enjoy cake.

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