Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family heritage

I went up to visit my grandmother this weekend. I was in a little bit of trouble because it's been six months since we've been to see her, but she worked me to the bone in revenge.

Except that she wouldn't do that on purpose or ever try to get revenge for anything. She's a sweetheart. She just had a lot of stuff for us to get done, and I'm sure she's at least as tired as I am tonight! We went to visit several graves and put out flowers for "Decoration Day," as she calls it. I'd never paid attention before to how busy gravesites really are around Memorial Day since all my family is either still living or buried up where we visited this weekend... not quite local. Now I'll have a guilt trip forever because she kept saying things like, "When I'm gone, there'll be nobody to come here" or telling people, about me, "She hasn't been up here in six months. Her kids have grown a whole head since I saw them last."

Yes, Grandma. I get the message. Thanks for reminding me.

She might be a sweetheart, but she's not above a little bit of Mommy Guilt. It's an art form to make pointed remarks sound honey-sweet and passive-aggressive at the same time. She's got that one down pat. I think that mastery comes about the time you start having your hair done at the same day and time every week or two.

I digress. My grandmother, when she was younger and married to my grandfather, when my mom and uncle were little rugrats ripping around in the farmhouse that I'll show you later this week, looooved buying Frankoma Pottery. She thought it was the prettiest dinnerware out there, and she acquired a LOT of it.

But it's heavy-duty stuff, and she's had a lot of it stored underneath her counters. Now that she's getting a bit older - I say older... she's 86 and clearly still kicking - bending down and lifting it out is just getting to be too much for her.

That's just the stuff I brought home. The rest of it is still at her house. I got it because the reason that my family moved to Oklahoma all those years ago is because my dad got a job at Frankoma as the plant manager. When I got old enough, about 13 or 14, I worked there part-time, too, first mowing the lawns for a summer or two and then, when I could drive, in the factory itself, handpainting some of the ware that was contracted for other companies. Remind me to tell you about that job sometime. It was quite an experience, to say the least. So there's a history there.

I do love this old-time pottery.

The baking dish is just beautiful.

This honey pot is probably my favorite piece that I brought home, and even if I never put honey in it, that bee on top will ensure I'll never part with it. Isn't it darling??

Chip and dip tray.

Several serving trays

A pitcher designed to keep the ice IN the pitcher rather than splashing it all in your glass.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. I went through my entire kitchen and got rid of all my other dinner plates and quite a few bowls and replaced it all with this stuff. I know there might be a few folks out there who will be appalled that I'm going to use it for everyday rather than saving it for a special occasion, but I do have a whole china cabinet full of my great-grandmother's china that's nearly 100 years old, and this stuff is only about 60. It fits in my house, fits my personality, and more importantly, was made to last.

I'm proud to be able to have it in my home!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Learning 4 Life said...

I love that stuff! It's beautiful and I would use it too if I had it :-)

Habebi said...

LOL I feel back in the factory. I can hear, "ROXANNE!" right now! lol Good times.