Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's a great day because...

... I have a beer in my hand.

... my kids are having an impromptu overnight stay in the tent in the back yard. I can hear them playing and laughing.

... Oz worked on the coop again today. There are now roosts and flooring in it; all that is left is the fence.

... we are 5 days away from the arrival of the baby chickies.

... I picked the sweetest strawberry EVER off of one of the plants in the garden today and discovered another baby rhubarb plant growing. And saw runners on a different strawberry plant. And tons of baby tomatoes and baby bell peppers.

... we took a walk down to the back of the pasture today and discovered about half a dozen new blackberry plants, all in bloom.

... I talked Oz into letting me also have raspberry and blueberry plants after...

... we had a 'Celtic' dinner with fresh raspberries and blackberries for dessert.

... this dinner also consisted of roast chicken (the carcass is in the freezer to be made into stock later this week; I also have some shrimp shells to do the same with) and a 'soup' that my kids adored. What was in it? Carrots, onions, salt, water, fresh rosemary and parsley from the garden, chicken drippings, and thickened with cornstarch.

... Oz is now out getting screws to install a new kitty-cat key holder next to the back door. It was a birthday gift from a friend.

... my sister got me a subscription to Mother Earth News, and the card telling me about it arrived today. It was a great surprise!

... Oz is going to get me gelato while he's out.

... one of my friends may be heading this way in a while just to hang out.

... I have sausage thawing in the fridge to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast. With grapes.

... I got two new books last night, specifically A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons and Sacred Hearts. I'm loving them both.

... tomorrow is Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers in that category!

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Habebi said...

Damn that is a VERY great day!! I'm a wee bit jealous!

Speaking of Celtic, I need to send you info about me getting my Irish dance on at OKMozart. I'll FB you that.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!