Friday, October 8, 2010

Being Use...less

I have absolutely nothing of any importance to say or share this evening.  Except for the fact that my son is now the proud owner of a set of snap circuits (from my mom) and a beginner compound bow with three arrows (from my dad).  Twelve more arrows are on the way.  And it couldn't be important at all that my afternoon was spent making miniature cupcakes topped with things that look remarkably like roaches but are, in fact, created with dates, caramels, M&Ms, and chocolate icing.  Pictures to follow tomorrow, of course.

The children spent their day being children.  Mostly that means that they spent the day trying to figure out how to get out of wearing pants when they were supposed to and whining about not having pants when they were all in the laundry.  They also might have successfully de-limbed a good chunk of a pine tree in an effort to create a 'hidey hole.'  Who knew that between an 83-pound 8-year-old-tomorow and a 56-pound 5-1/2-year-old, limbs 3-4 inches across can be stripped from a healthy, solid tree?  Live and learn. 

I also learned that yellow jackets can climb your leg and feel remarkably like a cat tail rubbing across your shin until you look down and shake it off because you're freaking out thinking it's a spider, and then the thing FLIES across the room which causes still MORE freaking out because OMG flying spider.

The bottom of a plastic coffee mug can come in handy when yellow jackets land on your kitchen window and you have nothing else handy.

Tomorrow, my son turns 8.  M2 is jealous because his birthday is first and that's just not fair in her world.  She's also quite upset because he's not having a party, and by party I mean inviting 15+ children over to shriek and run around the house and yard with crafts and games planned out.  M1 is quite happy with having his two best friends over to (theoretically) spend the night in the back yard in the tent.  They are also going to make foil food packets and grill them.  Boy Time Extraordinaire. 

They might also watch Iron Man 2 if they can settle enough.

It's hard to believe it's been eight years since I became a mom, but THAT is another post for tomorrow.  When I have a Mike's in my hand and boys rampaging through the house.


Mom on the Verge said...

Ooh. No post (yet) today. I hope it all went well!

{ The Little List } said...

Too funny! Hope you survive the festivities. Nice to meet you.