Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Can't Stop Laughing

I honestly can't stop laughing at the boy today. He hasn't shut up since he got up, which usually annoys me, but I think my good mood from last night has carried over to today, and I can't stop laughing.

He 'failed' math this morning. We've been studying subtraction, and today his assignment was a review page. He got EVERY SINGLE SUBTRACTION problem... correct. And almost every other problem wrong, which cracked me up because it was things like tally marks, and he'd do his fives and leave off the ones, or he'd be reading a clock and forget to count by fives for the minutes - all silly mistakes that the minute I just looked at him, he would go, "Oh, yeah!" and fix them.

He's been asking me for WEEKS to help him solve this riddle:

"What is there that is once in a minute, twice in a week, and once in a year?"

So I finally caved today. He spent the next ten minutes giggling over the answer, because it appealed greatly to his sense of humor.

Now he thinks I'm going to tell him what 'REDRUM' means. He is SO wrong.

He also picked up an atlas today to figure out which mountain range is between Spain and France, because we've been studying the Carolingian kings who battled the Spanish Moors, and I explained that the border between Spain and France was easy to determine because there are mountains there, and Geography Boy just HAD to know which ones.

But then he flipped to other pages that showed a political map of portions of Europe and announced, "MOM! There are only FIVE wine places in all of Spain!"

He was looking at commodity symbols on a map, and I had to explain that those were simply indicative of a region where that particular commodity was grown, mined, or created in large quantities, and that I was reasonably sure there were more than five wineries in the entire country of Spain because there are more than five wineries in Oklahoma, and if he looked at that, he'd discover there isn't even a symbol for wine on our map.


So he started checking out other countries.

"Mom, I'd live in Ireland, but they catch lots of fish, and I don't eat fish. And they don't grow a lot of wheat, and I would need that."

I reminded him that we grow wheat HERE.

"We DO??"

Well, OK, not at THIS house, but in this region, just a little bit of wheat, yeah, maybe...

"OK. I'd also live in Germany, but there are A LOT of cows there."


"Hun, what animals do we see when we go to visit Grandma Wagner in Kansas?"


Oh, my. He finally flipped over to a map of the US of A to see what commodities were grown around here.

"MOM! Did you know we're near a cotton region???"


"MOM! Did you know there's lots of tabocko [he can't pronounce tobacco to save his life] in these states: Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky???"

"Um, yes..."

"MOM!! I want to go live in Florida! They grow LOTS OF LEMONS!!!"

At that point, I gave up trying to take him seriously and laughed out loud. I know he IS serious, but yeesh.

He then moved on to flags of the world and is deciding where to live based on the flags of a country while hooting "The Star-Spangled Banner." He's asking me why there aren't a lot of people in New Zealand ("but there are a lot of sheep!!") and why people in Africa carry things on their heads. He has just discovered that they raise reindeer in Russia and just declared that the city of Houston smells weird because there's lots of manufacturing there.

And now he wants to move to Hawaii just because they grow sugar cane and coffee.

I still don't think he quite understands this whole commodity thing, but I'll worry about it another day. It's time to feed him and take him to his swimming lesson. I might try to work at it on the way, but I think I'll just leave it. There's a time for everything, and today, it's time to laugh.

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Habebi said...

Smart kid, though Hawai'i has a little more to offer than just coffee and sugar (though are very, very good and wonderful things).

Glad you're able to release a bit and laugh!