Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The surgery is complete. And I am in a better place mentally than I've been in MONTHS.

Beer might have helped with that, but here's to delaying the good story and going through the tedious stuff first.

Please ignore anything that I type that doesn't make sense, because I'm typing this while I'm in the happy place with fuzzy socks on my feet and Ghost Hunters International on the TV and freshly washed hair on my head and beer in my system.

Three cheers for beer and friends and the happy place!

The day started at about 6 a.m. when the phone rang. Oz answered it before I did, and it was the surgery clinic (the one we were NOT going to) asking if we were on our way, and Oz said no, and the chick got seriously pissed off at our ENT because apparently they neglected to let them know that they had cancelled the surgery at their suite in favor of a local hospital, thanks to insurance reasons that we had nothing to do with. Gotta say I'm glad I wasn't at the end of *that* tirade.

*I* went back to sleep and had weird dreams involving Macy's department store and an unnamed restaurant and the longest phone cord you've ever seen in your life.

I woke up for good about 8 when I heard Oz up making coffee. The kids surfaced about 8:30, which was perfect because they weren't allowed to eat or drink anything and I didn't want them to be grumpy because they'd been up hours and hours without food or drink. We had to be at the surgery check-in by 9:30, but I knew from experience that they'd make us wait if we showed up on time, so I deigned to show up at 9:37 just to show them who was boss.

Apparently it worked because we were only in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before they got us back to an intake room, where they got the kids' vitals, had me sign all the consent forms, and started taking medical histories.

(This was where we discovered M2 had decided to come to surgery commando and Oz got sent to the nearby Target to get her some brand-new underwear to put on under her hospital gown, but never mind...)

They kept us so occupied that I hardly had time to do M1's school stuff with him that I'd brought with me, which I had done solely on the basis that I'm not going to reward earberry experiments with a day off from school and if he was going to an actual brick-and-mortar school like M2, I'd have had to pick up his homework anyway.

They gave M2 the silly juice first, which for any surgery novices (these were #5 and #6 for us) out there is a sort of liquid sedative that makes the kids relaxed and tired before they take them away from the parents... but it also makes them a bit loopy. M2 got quite silly at the end. She announced that she was tired, folded her little hands, and said she was going to pray about being tired.

"Thank you, God, for my sleep
At the hospital beep beep.

And then she crashed her head back onto the bed and didn't try to really get up again, though of course her mouth NEVER closed. They took her back shortly thereafter, and M1 followed after that.

Between the three berries we'd gotten out before visiting the ENT for the first time and the four berries they extracted during surgery, the grand total was seven.

The kids woke up beautifully, which mostly meant that nobody had been intubated or had an IV inserted, so nobody did the ugly scream or the ugly cry, and nobody had to have extra Tylenol to re-sedate them. They amused the entire recovery staff so much that I had to share my iPhone to take pictures of both kids in recovery simultaneously, because really... it doesn't happen often that they get siblings in at the same time, and we hope it never happens again!

We took the kids home and fed them some lunch (including a CHEESEBURGER for M1, whose resolve about being a vegetarian is suddenly fading fast because he apparently also ate some of his sister's pepperoni pizza at dinner), and then Oz picked up his mother so she could babysit for us.

He and I went to Oktoberfest.

My MIL doesn't usually, if ever, babysit for us on a school night, partially because I work and partially because there's nowhere for Oz and I to go, but my MIL had been at my house a few nights ago to pick up a partially-functional printer and had mentioned that I looked like I needed to go to my room and have a good cry, to which I replied I'd been in THAT place for months and was just fine so long as I got to have a few nights now and then when I could lay on the floor and photograph cats.

But Oz's work/networking friend had obtained tickets to Oktoberfest's corporate night (and, not to brag, but our Oktoberfest is considered one of the best in the country and isn't too shabby by world standards, either), and Oz had convinced me to go.

I'm *SO* glad I went.

We had a table about eight feet from some very loud speakers that were blaring music played by a band that included a Rastafarian who played a washboard (and they were good!), and I couldn't handle the noise, so we all headed just outside the doorway of the tent and drank vast quantities of beer and hovered over slightly odorous Port-A-Potty seats and ate bratwurst and apple strudel and drank more beer until my feet were absolutely sore from the fact that I'd worn my brown hoochie boots because clearly I'm all about fashion. But I had FUN. I told stories and laughed and made jokes and vented about the kids and got to meet some wonderful people and talk to some others whose company I'd enjoyed before and just relax and not worry about a danged thing, and that in itself made the trip worth it.

I'm sure tomorrow when I have a headache and don't have any Treximet left, I'll feel slightly differently, but I'm still enjoying the happy fuzzy place (yes, Oz drove), and that's a good thing.

The day is done now, though, and I'm off to bed. Thanks for all the support!! I appreciate you all!


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Mom on the Verge said...

SEVEN berries. Think they learned a lesson? And how cute is the praying? Oh, so very!!

I'm so glad your MIL is a Good Woman. Everyone need some grownup time, to remember how to play nicely with adults. Glad you had fun! (We're going out for lunch tomorrow, but probably won't get much beer.)