Thursday, October 14, 2010

OK, so it's gone from funny to upsetting...

The berry thing (see previous post) was funny at first. 

Then the boy admitted that he had put the berries in there ON PURPOSE to see what it felt like.  He showed Oz what they were (hackberries, so thankfully not poisonous), too.

Then... M2 'fessed to doing the same thing.

I dug two berries out of her ear, and there are at least two still in there.

I have lemmings for children.  The learning curve around here is astounding.  It will amaze me if they survive to adulthood with all senses intact.



Mom on the Verge said...

AAK! What if he hadn't had the well-child visit? Oh my. When did he say he put them in?

And don't forget to thank your Maker that he lets the doctor near his ears. Seriously.

S. said...

Yeah, I have NO idea when he... THEY... put them in. He claims weeks ago. Because that makes it SO much better. And he never once complained of pain or said that his ears hurt or anything. They'd have been in there forever. *sigh*

Habebi said...

Wow! That is almost impressive! At tthe same time what were they thinking??

S. said...

Ummmm I don't want to know?? Honestly I'm wondering if it was some sort of competition... that'd be my kids.

BridgyM said...

you don't think this could have caused the oatmeal incident. I can't see how anyone could hear anything with berries cramed up to their brains. LOL!