Thursday, October 14, 2010

A... BERRY interesting day...

M1 had his 8-year-old well-child visit today. 

We went in, the nurse got his vitals (56-1/4" tall and 84 lbs., just in case you're interested), and he changed into the gown that we all know and hate.

The doctor came in, chatted with him, checked his reflexes, peered down his throat, and then...



She checked his ears.

And started laughing.

I'll take laughter over a concerned look, but I wanted to know if she'd care to share the joke??

The boy had BERRIES in his ears.  He claims he mentioned this to me, but I'll be darned if I remember hearing anything about it.  He also claims he didn't put them in there on purpose, but...

The doctor dug out the first berry, checked the canal again, and just about died when she realized there was ANOTHER berry behind the first.  That one wasn't coming out.  Neither was the one in the opposite ear.  We tried lavage, and that did diddly squat.

When the first berry came out, the boy peered at it.  It was a dark purple, almost black, with some wax around it.

"Huh," the boy said, "it wasn't that color when it went in.  It was red then."


Oh, my.

The doctor, nurse, and I all had a good laugh about Berry Boy.  When I called the ENT to set up an appointment to get the remaining two (?) berries out, the receptionist started laughing, too.

"I'm sorry," she apologized.  "I shouldn't find this so amusing... but I do."

I couldn't help but understand.  Who runs around with berries in their ears?  It reminds me of that kid from 'The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever' who, the story ran, wound up with a tree growing out of his ear. 

The ENT receptionist DID ask if anything seemed to have sprouted.

It's just been that sort of day...

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Learning 4 Life said...

That is truly the most hilarious thing I've heard in a long time!!!! What a funny little guy :-) I'm glad he's okay and didn't get some sort of infection before they were discovered!