Saturday, October 23, 2010

Somnolent Saturday

I did have plans for today. 'Did' is the operative word in THAT sentence. We were going to pick up some pumpkins and straw, carve the pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, rent some kids' Halloween movies, and let the munchkins stay up late and watch movies and eat popcorn.


The best-laid plans of moms... die a swift death.

Oz got a text message about 11 last night from an account manager in his company who works down in another city saying that the servers for a convenience store chain had gone down. Not good. He got the official summons about 5:45 a.m., and he took off to go see what miracles he could work. So far, the battle has been a draw, though Oz's team did get an advantage when one of the employees found a back-up for one of the servers that was only two days old.

Whatever that means.


I am undaunted. Faced with the prospect of dashed plans and vast quantities of disappointment, I did what any good mom would do.


Who says the day has to be filled with activity? Isn't a lazy day of nothingness just as good? The kids and I took two of the cats to get their annual vaccinations this morning, but that was the only thing that *had* to be done. M2 thought about throwing a giant fit when I dared to ask her to put on clean socks rather than digging yesterday's socks out of the hamper, but I just caved instead of cause a rage because, really, if she wants to have stinky feet, I don't have to smell them, soooooooo yeah, I'm letting that one go. It's not worth the screaming and kicking.

Yes, the fits have returned.

Anyway, we got the cats back home, and I told the kids, "Go play!"

And, wonder of wonders, they DID.

I got to READ. In relative silence!

I fixed an easy lunch crafted entirely of leftovers, and then checked Facebook and talked the kids into running to swap a dozen eggs for some bell peppers with a friend.

Now the TV is on. We were watching Kid vs. Kat, but now that's over and I switched on Nova. It's a show on Gothic building methods, and M1 is shushing M2 as she tries to talk to my mom on the phone.

We'll have a stir-fry for supper, complete with fortune cookies, and who knows, maybe we'll have popcorn and movies anyway.

All I know is, this day has been a lot quieter than I could ever have imagined, and I like it that way!