Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a day...

It's been a long day.  Most of it was fantastic.  The ending has been sad.

We got up and took the kids to the fair this morning.  Another friend of mine had posted on Facebook that she had been planning to go, but her spouse was headed out of town for work and she was hunting for someone to go with her and help her corral the herd.  I called her up.  We agreed to meet, let the kids play together (they've hardly seen each other lately), and just generally hang out. 

It was a blast.  The kids behaved beautifully, we found lots of FREE stuff for them to do, and another friend of mine had given me some ride tickets so that when the kids did decide they wanted to ride a couple of rides, they were free, too.  And of course we ate things like fried cheese, twirly fried potatoes, and chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick.  Giving yourself indigestion is a fairground requirement. 

Other highlights:

1. We found the picture of M2.  She posed for a picture with her picture and then ran off to play with Legos.  Kids will be kids!
2.  I got to see the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, which has been featured on Food Network in the past.  And yes, Kerry Vincent was there and signing autographs.  She was wearing a black dress and that headdress thing she seems to prefer.  She seemed very polite and gracious to everyone who spoke to her.  I was not one of those people.
3.  The kids got to see newborn piglets in the birthing center.  They were adorable.  If only they'd stay that way!  There was also video of a foal being born, which I think grossed M2 out a bit.  Her face was priceless.

After we came home, the kids got along all afternoon, hiding out in the hall and playing quietly.  They had dinner and went to bed with little to no fuss.  Seemed like a perfect day.

Then I went to go close up the chicken coop... and discovered Speed Bump, our Corgi, standing over a hen he'd gotten ahold of.  Feathers were everywhere, and what was worse, the poor girl was still alive.  I got Oz, who reprimanded the dog (again... I'd already done it once) and took care of the chicken, and I realized that the girls are no longer going to get to run around the yard.  At least, they won't get to run around any more as long as Bump is in the back yard.  They have a nice, good-sized yard around their coop, but even so, it won't be the same.


I'm not too distraught about the loss of the chicken, though.  I'm sad because I had successfully raised these girls from chicks and they were just starting to lay eggs - we sold our first dozen to Oz's boss this week.  The eggs were small, but he was thrilled to get them.  In another way, I'm okay with it.  We hadn't lost one yet, and the inevitable happens in the country.  They weren't pets, so the attachment wasn't there.  Honestly, the worst part is going to be telling the kids.  They'll be sad, and I'm sure M1 will cry, but they don't have the attachment, either, so it shouldn't be as bad as when, say, a cat dies.

No matter what, though, it ended the day on a sad note.

Frost advisory tonight - the first of the season.  I suppose that is poetically appropriate.  Thank heaven for fuzzy socks and blogs; in other words, things that are good for the soul.

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Mom on the Verge said...

How did I miss this?! BAD DOG! No chickens!!